Bryn Mawr

Stuck At The Tavern
On Hiatus

On Hiatus


Better Ways To Die
"Demons From The Ancient World Are Awakening"

“Demons From The Ancient World Are Awakening”

End of Summer
Game On!


Summers over & it’s time to get back to gaming!

There will be some shuffling of players/characters as we lose a couple & gain a few new players, but fear not our intrepid band of dungeoneers get back to delving Sept. 18th, check back for their exploits…

Summer Hiatus
"Dog Days of Summer"

Yea thats right, it looks as though we are on a “Summer Hiatus”. Hopefully we can round up the usual suspects & get back to gaming in another couple of weeks…

When Wanderers Cease To Roam...

Will it be door #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, or #6? So many doors; Guess which one they picked?

The Road to Ruin
it's a long, bloody road to hell...

Strike Fear in the Heart of Evil!

They Came, They saw, They kicked its ass!

A funny thing happened on the way to the dungeon
Our First Session


Well our newly formed group of dungeoneers met up & decided to head out & explore the ruins of the old citadel, but a funny thing happened on the way to the dungeon

Welcome To The Guild
And So It Begins...



Welcome To The Guild -

It is late afternoon when you arrive at the old inn in the middle of town. A gentle breeze washes across the fields and carries with it the cold, crisp scent of fall. The leaves have begun to change and dance in the air as they leave the branches they once clung tightly to. A bell can be heard far off in the distance, from the abbey most likely. SōL begins its decent below the horizon with the cold night swiftly on its heels.

The building in front of you is a friendly looking two-story inn built out of redwood with a stone foundation and a pair of masonry chimneys. The building looks fairly old but well maintained. Smoke billows out of the top of the chimneys racing off thru across the field on the wind. Where once a sign hung identifying this building as a place for weary travelers to rest, now a new sign hangs proclaiming the new identity of the place in big brown letters: “The Delvers Guild & Hostelry.” The front door is unlocked, and so you enter.

And so they came
Brave young souls lured by the desire for fame and fortune and perhaps something more.


And so they came, brave young souls lured by the desire for fame and fortune and perhaps something more.
They came, directed by colorful invitations to join the “Delvers Guild”.
They came with the clothes on their backs and just a few gold in their pockets, little more.
Will these small flowers someday blossom?
Will they succeed in a career more lucrative and more dangerous than any other?
We shall keep a close eye on your enterprise, old friend.
Hopefully, they will not make the same mistakes we did.

Welcome to Adventure!
The Classic Dungeon Crawl Re-envisioned

The Classic Dungeon Crawl Re-envisioned.



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