Bryn Mawr

Better Ways To Die

"Demons From The Ancient World Are Awakening"

“Demons From The Ancient World Are Awakening”


“Dreg’Atar’s Brood”

From my throne of Ice I summon the bestial brood

Between the mountains, the valleys, and the field they slaughter

As great warriors they amass

Defiling this holy place with our spawn

The secret caves in the mountain shall be known

We will only bring blood and death

The end of false religions is here

It will come from the three symbols that are the keys

When the citadel will open and the demons will be released

The worshipers of false gods will run away like frightened animals

The secret of our existence lies beneath

Our destiny lies dormant ready to explode like a volcano

War shall rage

Into that war we are born

Inside that war we shall grow

So amass my children, for soon we shall Attack!!

Three symbols that are the keys to hell

Will finally bring doom to those unworthy!


Dra8er Dra8er

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