Bryn Mawr

The Road to Ruin

it's a long, bloody road to hell...

Strike Fear in the Heart of Evil!

They Came, They saw, They kicked its ass!

End of Round

Thats right, our cadre of dungeoneers showed up ready to plumb the depths and snag some swag!

Having dispatched nine of the ten gobbers at the ruins of BalckWatch Gap, they decided not to hastily pursue the ramaining survivor. Instead they carefully planned out their next actions, oh yea and looted the fallen.

It is mid-afternoon, the ebb & flow of the fog continues and is currently as thick as pea soup, otherwise it is a bit chilly but not unbearable…

The group decides to continue on and they move back down the earthen staircase and circumnavigate the platteau with the ruins of Blackwatch Gap.

Moments later our intrepid heroes stumble upon a large spider moving towards them out of the fog, just as they were about to dispatch the 8 legged beast a voice calls from the fog, “Halt, we mean you no harm!”. Out behind the spider steps what appears to be an elf, but smaller in statue.

“I am Spiderhed, master of this beast, we mean you no harm.” Wary our cadre inquires as to why this pair is here?

“I have been following a group of Goblins known as The Spider Tribe. They hail from another realm known as the ShadowReaches, a realm of twilight and horrible beasts;

The Spider goblins were once little different than any other. They huddled in caves and mounted minor raids to supplement their supplies. Without attracting enough notice to be worthy of smiting, they led their nasty lives on the far-flung outskirts of anything that could be called civilization. They honored the deity Dreg’Atar by subjugating lesser tribes, taming monsters, harassing travelers, and practicing black arts.They also harvest several types of spiders for their poison, these are not pets however, they are captured in the wild and kept in colonies for harvesting.

Among these arts is a long tradition of alchemical practice among the tribe’s magicians. In the past, the Spiders used these techniques to give themselves edges in battle, poison foes, and create instant gouts of flame without magic. But the practice of alchemy has evolved to a new height among these goblins. A talented hexer has risen to prominence among the Spiders. After spending years toiling deep in the carved caves that serve the tribe as a lair, he has managed to come up with foul alchemical agents that can alter goblins, their pets, and other creatures into terrifying fighting beasts. Using his formulas, he seized power from his weaker kin, becoming chief of the tribe.

Spider warriors vie for the “honor” of using the alchemical formulas. They use their new found strength and viciousness to expand Spider territory, and the tribe is now large. It includes numerous monstrous creatures not often found among mere goblins, including bugbears, hobgoblins, and other monstrosities. Tribal scouts and warriors search far and wide for materials for this alchemy. The tribe has been recruiting near the old abandoned citadel of Bryn Mawr, bringing in hordes of creatures for some nefarious purposes and amassing at the old citadel. They do however still maintain a large village and cavernous network a few miles away from Bryn Mawr, but seem to be slowly migrating to the citadel and its depths permanently.

I’ve been tracking and dispatching many of these beasties for some time now, I’ve made it my mission to eradicate these vile vermin. Be warned they are stronger, smarter, and more dangerous than any gobbers you may have faced before. I have been following them to investigate what their up to and try to stop the. It seems fate has lent me a hand as our paths currently run together, please let me join you, my aid should prove invaluable, and any help dispatching these creatures will be sorely needed…”

Convinced of his sincerity, and thankful for his information, the cadre add another to their ranks.

Quickly picking up their pace the gang leave the basin and once again enter into the tight valley corridor. The walls of the valley blot out any direct light, however the jagged, sheer cliffs are covered in a thick layer of bluish tinted ice that has an almost iridescent blue glow. Obviously carrying light down fro the upper reaches it provides plenty of illumination to navigate the twisting corridor. The temperature however has dropped considerably and has chilled you to the bone! There footing is much improved as they leave the slimy moss covered basin and agin stand upon the 10’x10’ blue granite pavers that line the corridor. They too are ringed with dwarf runes, however this time they repeat a single phrase on all sides;


Swiftly moving on…

After about what they figure is a half mile or so the winding corridor spills out into a clearing roughly a hundred foot wide and just a little longer, this area is dominated by a large swiftly moving stream cutting it almost in half. The stream is nearly 20’ across and half as deep. On the far side appears to be a recently abandoned camp, a fire still smolders among a pair of tents. Appearing near the far exit is a large statue carved from a black rock, an effigy of the beast lord and demon Dreg’Atar. Situated directly in front is a sacrificial alter made from the same foreign black stone, obviously it has recently been used as fresh blood stains cover it.

Stumped as to how to cross this fast, deep, icy cold stream our bewildered league of would-be dungeoneers finally execute a plan and safely cross. They investigate the pair of tents, statue, alter, and small chest filled with literally thousands of copper coins minted by the dwarves some time ago…

The quarry they purse has obviously passed this way and alerted whomever or whatever was stationed here. In their search they stumbled upon a pit covered with a makeshift wooden gate, within is a disheveled figure, an elf, he is alive but in rough shape…

Our gang quickly rescue the elf and he is extremely grateful. Introducing himself as Yerilae, a wizard. He goes on to explain how he ended up in this predicament;

“His travels had brought him from the Mighty wood of Umbra into the northern reaches. He was originally searching for the woodbourne elves ancestral homeland. Many Woodbourne had fled the war near a half century earlier and migrated north to this place, curious as to what this place might mean to my own race, I set off to find it.

But again curiosity and wanderlust had taken me off course, and once again I found the stories of the ruined dwarven citadel of Bryn Mawr and Ozreth of BlackStone too luring to pass up

I was recruited by the “The Company of the Green Cloak” to explore the ruins of Bryn Mawr and surrounding area. We gathered at Waylands’ Crossing where we planned it’s undertaking and resources very carefully. After nearly a month of careful planning 9 of us set out to conquer Bryn Mawr. Two weeks of travel passed before we went thru the small mining town of the Devens and within a day after that we had reached the old BlackWatch Gap fortress. It was crawling with gobbers (goblins), but the thick fog allowed even your group to sneak past.

We made it to the next clearing and stumbled upon this small camp, thinking that we could easily overcome these few gobbers your group set about to dispatch them with haste, but that was our undoing, normally gobbers were easy, but this lot had recruited some muscle were somehow different than “normal” gobbers, and in mere moments we were overwhelmed.

I remember a loud snorting & grotesque smell emanating from behind me, the ground shook and I felt two quick footsteps approach, then, almost painlessly, I was struck. I saw blue lightning! And my vision faded. I awoke sometime later in this pit, alone & unsure of what had happened or what befell my comrades. Occasionally a gobber would peak over the edge, mumble something unintelligible and throw me a scrap of meat and small skin of water. And so it went for days, I’d lost track, head still reeling, I was cold, tired, & unable to cast spells. Then you rescued me, I am forever in your debt. please allow me to accompany you, my services might prove to be valuable, and I need to find out what happened to the rest of my company!”

& with that the gang adds yet another to their party, swelling to seven. Perhaps the challenges of Bryn Mawr are tougher than first thought, mayhap we are not strong or cunning enough to even reach the ill famed ruins. Either way we’ve decided to give it are all and must carry on!!!

Soon the group feels thunderous footsteps coming from the northern corridor, quickly they retreat to defensive positions awaiting what must be either an army or a titan!

Not to be disappointed a massive mutated four armed ogre bursts onto the scene…

Spider Ogre Stats

This Goliath of an ogre crashes the party and an EPIC battle ensues;

time and again blows are exchanged and they gang seems to hardly be able to scratch this brute, they however are getting pummeled!

Forced to adapt strategy, the group realizes that the ogre is very tough, but not quick. Using that to their advantage they deftly avoid is four armed pummeling attacks and outmaneuver its sorted blows. Slowly they overcome the beast and bring him down. A triumphant cheer burst out!!!

Badly bruised and beaten our heroes decide to make a go of it and rest here for the evening, they dig in and fortify the area best they can and spend and uneventful night recuperating!

Waking late the next morning, weary, aching, but rested they eat a quick meal and break camp. Further up the corridor the valley is littered with all sorts of debris, including bone and broken weapons, though all of crude make. The path continues onward and again after awhile it opens into a larger cooridor reaveasling a wide ridge of rough cut stairs rising sharply up the cliffside, the path does also continue onward. But thinking up is best, they choos to ascend the steep staircase.

Nearly a quarter mile later our group tired and out of breath reach the summit. The platau is small but before them is a large stone citadel carved rioght into the side of the mountain and as an added value theres not a creature in sight. Farther away they see the ruins of what must have been the surface city of Bryn Mawr. A long trail appears to connect it to this area, but its a long ways off.

The massive iron bound door seems to be barred from within. Our valiant troop agree to “knock” on the door and see if anyone answers. Not a peep, so plan B is enacted; Shamblinn Fodder, & Tarja forcefully bash the door in.

Within is an antechamber followed by a larger courtroom, all devoid of any furnishing but littered with detritus and smelling of sweat & urine. A wide stairwell leads down at the far end of the room, A dim torch can be seen and heard far below in the depths, sputterring and spitting shadows dance all about. The group forms up and head down the stair case, Shambalinn leading the way, unfortuantly at the bottum they fall prey to one of the oldest tricks in the book, a string runs along the bottom stair of the well connected to a pair of bells. The Dragonborn treads right thru it and sounds the alarm, surely alerting any enemies nearby. The group quickly retreats back up the stair well not wanting to get caught within its confins limiting their battle prowess. Spiderhed, a changeling, assumes the shape of one of the goblin guards they recently encountered and proceeds to head down the staircase to “intercept” any would be guards and perhaps avert an assault.

Four bigger rough looking gobbers approach, they are armored in well made leather and carry solidly crafted clubs. Questions ensue and finally their leader emerges. A well groomed gobber, in mail and weilding a pair of scimitars. He is not fooled by the changelings crafty disguse, his smell had given him away.

Attack orders the obvious leader, Spiderhed flees back up the stairs as he’s being grasped by the advancing gobbers. Fodder bursts through his comrades and explodes on the scene attack the first two gobbers coming up the stairs. The rest of our group joins in the melee. After moment the leader and two of the gobbers are dispatched, the remaining two gobbers flee in opposite direction, one heading down the eastern stairwell and the other back down the northern staircase from whence it came. The group quickly pursues the gobber north into a large open hallway lit by a pair of sputtering torches, the gobber no where in sight. They hear commotion and footsteps at the end of the long corridor and finally see the light from a torch heading their way. They hide around a pair of shallow corners and await the approach of this new foe. Soon a human appears and sends forth a wave of gobbers to investigate.

Quickly our new wizard casts icy terrain on the three approaching gobbers and manages to ruin their day. More gobbers appear behind their taskmaster wielding poisoned crossbows. A major ruckus ensues and after a short our heroes time our heroes seem to be fairing well, then reinforcements arrive;

The bugbear apparently was so quick on the scene that he stumbled coming thru the door, Spiderhed and his faithful (& creepy) companion quickly took advantage of the prone beast. The Dragonborn summoned a mighty gout of flame unleashing his furious breath weapon blasting most of the gobbers and their leader, the team quickly dispatched the remaining baddies. Triumphant, the day had been won…

Our heroes saw nor heard any more reinforcements. Content that they were safe, if only for the moment they seized the opportunity to regroup and figure out what to do next;

Do you want to know? Of course you do! Just what will our intrepid band of dungeoneers run into next, what denizens lurk around the next corner? Will they be victorious or simply another group to meet an ill demise? What happened to the company of the green cloak? Where did the original gobber they were chasing go? Check back after our next exciting session on 6/12/10 to find out…

You’ve been warned…

More Exciting pics from our session, don’t stare to long or you’ll go blind!


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