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Welcome To The Guild

And So It Begins...



Welcome To The Guild -

It is late afternoon when you arrive at the old inn in the middle of town. A gentle breeze washes across the fields and carries with it the cold, crisp scent of fall. The leaves have begun to change and dance in the air as they leave the branches they once clung tightly to. A bell can be heard far off in the distance, from the abbey most likely. SōL begins its decent below the horizon with the cold night swiftly on its heels.

The building in front of you is a friendly looking two-story inn built out of redwood with a stone foundation and a pair of masonry chimneys. The building looks fairly old but well maintained. Smoke billows out of the top of the chimneys racing off thru across the field on the wind. Where once a sign hung identifying this building as a place for weary travelers to rest, now a new sign hangs proclaiming the new identity of the place in big brown letters: “The Delvers Guild & Hostelry.” The front door is unlocked, and so you enter.

Inside the first floor of the building you find a renovated tavern. Small oil lamps that hang from the support beams provide illumination for the counter, behind which now resides a series of crates, boxes, and bags where once colorful bottles must have formed neat rows. A table is nearby as well, covered with a scattered assortment of papers and parchments. A stalwart fellow wearing a dull shirt of oakum is busy starting a fire in the fireplace to help ward off the growing chill; he seems to be producing more smoke than fire however. He reaches for a small flask tied to his belt and splashes a dark liquid onto the sputtering flames causing them to erupt into a large burst of flame igniting the stubborn fire. He takes a swig from the flask, wipes his mouth with his sleeve and proclaims, “Now That’s A Fire!” The stout dwarf brushes himself off and turns to greet you.

“Welcome!” he proclaims, presenting his rough, muscled hand, “Me names Tuttle Holloway, but folks round here call me Turtle. I’m the owner and operator of this establishment and I’m please to make your acquaintance.”

You spend the next few minutes exchanging pleasantries with Turtle, then he gets down to business. “Unless I missed my guess, you’re here to start a career in dungeoneering, correct?” You nod in affirmation. “Splendid! The purpose of this guild is to give adventurers such as yourself, especially those whom are new to this sort of life, access to the resources you will require. I was an adventurer and soldier once myself. When I retired I invested heavily in industry and commerce in these parts. As such, the merchants and craftsmen here are well known to me and I can get good prices for many items that would be expensive if you wanted to buy them on your own. I have everything from lock picks to alchemists’ fire which you can buy from me at a low price. I can also buy some of the treasure you will eventually acquire; believe me; it can be very difficult to find a market for Orbs of Spatial Contortion. My assets now are a bit limited, but that should change as the guild grows. Also, your membership fee, a humble ten gold each week, provides you with training, room, board, and stabling here at the guild. You will always have a haven to stay and a safe place to keep your valuables, as well as friends to aid you in your spelunking. You can find your room upstairs, the keys are hanging behind the bar.”

“My stepson, Devlin, takes care of the stables and grounds. Should you want for anythin’ and I’m not around, he’ll be more than glad to help ya! He’s also an excellent guide and knows the surrounding area better than most. Just ask if your in need of guidance. Oh almost forgot, whatever you do, mind Behr, it’s going to take him a bit to get use to your scent and step, a bit o’ fresh meat would surely speed thing up though.”

“With all that said, Welcome To The Guild! I’ll expect your membership fee at the end of the week, but don’t worry should you come up a bit short in your first few weeks I’ll keep a tab for you. In the meantime, settle in, help yourself to some bread, wine, and cheese; supper will be on shortly. Look around and get familiar with your new home. The weekly broadsheet should be on the bar. If there’s something on my shelves that you’d like to purchase, just let me know, your credits good here! If there’s something you want that I don’t have just ask and I will try to find it for you, but if your looking for magic items you might have to contract someone to make them. There’s also an old witch down south by the bogs that makes fine potions, but for a price, make sure you know what you want and have some coin before you venture off to see her though, she gets mighty irritable when you waist her time and she’s libel to turn you into a newt or somethin’”

And So It Begins...


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