Bryn Mawr

When Wanderers Cease To Roam...

Will it be door #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, or #6? So many doors; Guess which one they picked?

Freakin all of them, smashed a good lot of them down as well. They sure are DAM Good Door Openers!

We started our session hot off the heels of last games climatic battle with a large group of gobbers & their apparent human “boss”. Gathering themselves up they began to explore the area,


Some pic’s to hold ya over…

WTF??? Yea he was there last night, good thing he was only on display behind glass & our heroes didn’t have to battle him!

We got started off right, BEER & PIZZA!!!

crafting the scene, you’ll notice the splat of dead bodies and plethora of broken down doors, yea this group knows how to party!!!

Jesus did you see the size of that D20?

Fodder Folkrunn a.k.a. Bayley (wonder what he’s thinking? Probably; “wish I was old enough to have one of those frosty cold barely pops!)

Down the ladder & around the corner we stumble across a group of gobbers drinking & sparring.

Hmmm is the wizard giving advice? or taking it?

Yea he was giving it…

Oooohhhh the epically named “Butterfly Room” (Thanks Joe Theory ;) & look it’s spawned a living wall!!!

Everyone’s wondering? Does that freakin wall even have HP?

Look at that scowl from Aeyis, he’s thinking, “That DM, he’s just toying with us, urghh…”

Mwa ha ha ha, the Tiefling has a plan…

While this one’s clueless;

And the world flipped on its side…

Da Gang…

Aftermath “The Cleanup”


Dra8er Dra8er

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