Kirkus Botany

Botany's Famous Red Barrel & Wonderous Wares


The sign on the side of his wagon reads “Kirkus Botany, Crafter of the Realm Renown Botany’s Red Barrel & Supplier of Wondrous Wares. Buy, Trade, & Sell.”

“What can I interst you in?” the voice comes from inside the gypsy like wagon. Before a response can be given, a short, rotund, older gentleman walks out of the tailgate of the wagon, and with a long low bow sweeping his wide brimmed hat across his front he introduces himself as “Kirkus Botany, merchant of the realms, seller and trader of the mystical and mundane, crafter of the famous Botany’s Red Barrel Ale.” standing upright and adjusting his hat on his head.

As he was finisging his introduction, a large, neanderthal-looking human steps from the far side of the wagon, a highly polished quarterstaff – or, by the looks of it, a post – in hand.

“I have yet to ready all of my wares,” Kirkus states, “but I will be ready in a few moments.” He ducks back into the wagon, shutting the door behind him.

Kirkus Botany

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