Half-Elf female fighter with a Nordic upbringing


LV 03
AC 20
HP 41


Tarja is a half-elf that was raised by a village of Norse warriors. She is a skilled fighter and uncommonly strong for a woman let alone a half-elf. Her dreams are for glory & riches and has come to this land to wake them.

The strong silent type, Tarja is very tall and muscular for a female. Her time abort the Viking ships and raiding parties were good for her confidence, strength and military training. Her long auburn hair frames the rage of a Nordic warrior who is not afraid of a challenge.

Tarja prefers to ambush her foes and use surprise to give her the advantage. She prefers to attack the flank where she can inflict the most damage and uses counter attacks whenever possible.

Tarja showing reverence to Odin after defeating her foes


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