A versatile cloth/fabric/cord infused with iron.

Level 6
A versatile cloth / fabric / cord infused with iron.
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Properties: Oakum is natural resistant to fire; it is also extremely durable and hard to damage.
Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide
Enhancement : AC +2
Property: When worn, confers a +5 to all fire based damage.
Cost: Oakum sells for 10GP per sq. ft. of material or 1’ braided length of cord.


This versatile fabric/cord is made from the bark of Red Oakum trees. The Red oakum is so named because it’s roots have “tapped” the many iron ore deposits of the realms. The trees actually absorb the iron ore, it then oxidizes within the bark of the trees giving them there red hue.

This also makes the trees wood and bark extremely tough and fire proof. The bark is stripped and fashioned into very strong cord or fabric.

A shirt of Oakum affords a +2 to armor class without any hindrance, it also give a +5 bonus to any fire based damage. The fabric is in amazingly high demand, and the extremely rare Red Oakum tree is heavily protected so as to stop poaching. Attempts to “re-create” these trees in controlled circumstances and nurseries have failed and no one understands why…

Oakum retails for about 10GP per sq. ft.


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