Campaign Details

Sessions are currently planned to run from about 2PM until roughly 6 or 7. on an agreed upon Saturday. Please plan on arriving about fifteen minutes early so that we can begin in a timely fashion. Sessions start times may drift as we find out what works best for the group, add or (hopefully not) loose players, or have real life conflict of interests. All I ask is that we have patience.

Please be fed and ready to play, with pen/paper and your character sheets, dice, etc… Note, I require an up to date copy of your character sheets after every session, I can photocopy them after the game. From past experience nothing ruins a game more quickly than someone forgetting their character sheets, I also need a copy to work from for campaign writing purposes.

If you need to be late for a session, please CALL me as soon as you realize it. If your going to miss a session (it happens = Life > RPGing) please let me know as soon as possible, that way I can plan accordingly, its simply a matter of courtesy to myself and the other players. Obviously we all understand things come up. But believe it or not a lot of hard work and preperation goes into every gaming session!


Any questions, comments, or concerns? Don’t hesitate to ask anytime!!!


Campaign Details

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