Character Creation

Character Creation

The first thing you should know about creating a character for this delve is that this campaign is going to be very hard. The story is tight, the plot interesting & full of twists, the characters well developed. The dungeons will be confusing, the traps deadly, and the monsters hungry!!!

But with a little preparation, some wit, and a smidgen of luck you’ll pull through just fine. Perchance things don’t go your way, I promise a grim, unforgettable demise!

As for actual character creation, might I point out that this is a Dungeon Delve! So any outdoor, wildlife, frolicking through the forest skills might be a waste, but I won’t stop ya from taking them if you really want. I would concentrate on skills that would keep you alive and safe exploring a dungeon.

I would like players to utilize the Official Dungeons & Dragons Character Builder to make a legal character. I won’t limit race or class, but I require/request you don’t use realm specific (i.e. Forgotten Realms, Ebberon) data. Go with the “Generic Setting” theme and you’ll be fine. Also please don’t fill out any deity information, as my world has specific parameters for “Gods”. Just leave the pantheon blank and I’ll help you with it later.

Characters should fit the general arch type of young go-getters looking to start a “career” in dungeoneering. Your conglomeration as a group depends on your characters

  1. Having the will to get up every morning and do something different from the norm!
  2. Wanting to explore and discover new and amazing things!
  3. Understand that life is tough, so you’ve got to be tougher!
  4. Teamwork is ESSENTIAL to SURVIVAL!

Please keep these in mind as you consider character concepts, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

This campaign will be slightly tougher and assumes that the PC’s will acquire the a the first few character levels in the first few game sessions. Your characters will acquire roughly 1 level per session until 3rd. Then from levels 3 to about 7 it will require about two sessions to level, after that life will get hard and you will level every few sessions depending on the scenario. This has been the standard used in nearly all my games for years and has worked remarkably well.

Should you need to “roll up” a new character, you’ll be allowed to make one that’s one level less than the character previously played. I will also allow you to make a second character thus granting you a “stable” of PC’s to choose from before each session should that be logical. Meaning that if you traveled back to town before the start of the next session you would be able to swap out characters, but if the session ends with your current character resting in the dungeon between levels, such a swap would be illogical! Though I will allow this, one might note that this style of play will definitely handicap your leveling up as your essentially splitting EXP between your characters,though it might still be fun to have another at the ready just in case, mwa ha ha ha…

Character Creation

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