House Rules


Rule Variants

  • A Natural 20 Always Hits
  • A Natural 1 Always Misses (& Fumbles)
  • YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! We call it a STUNT 1-2-3. The “action” gets broken down into 3 parts with an explanation of what is trying to be accomplished, then either a series of die rolls, % roll, or some combo there of is assigned. If you fail the stunt, a D6 roll determines what part, hilarity ensues…
  • We always roll imitative at the start of every round! Don’t worry I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that allows us to move right along and in my opinion it adds to the realism of the game, while it allows for varied tactics on the fly…
  • Rules Lawyers will not be tolerated, if something is in question I’ll make the best judgment so as not to slow the game, I’ll even ask for player input!
  • I’ll still grant EXP but I will do it based on a unique leveling system. Meaning that good role playing and overall experience will have more influence on awarded EXP than just simple monster kills and the like. We should level up almost every game for the first few levels, then it might take a couple of games per level. Its all about having fun and making it as smooth as possible!

Stereotypes & Mythnomers

  • Dwarves Never Lie! (or so they’d like you to think!)
  • Druids Do Not like Shamans or Witches (hey its a long standing tradition!)

Legacy Item OPTIONAL: A character can create/suggest/ pick an item/weapon that will “level” with their character. It needs to be included in the characters bio with a good story explaining why the PC has the item. The item will “gain experience or grow” with the PC. i.e. JimBo’s sword of the Storm (Just a Masterworks weapon currently) was inherited from his grandfather. It was a mighty weapon when he wield it, but slowly JimBo has to learn to unlock its potential and be able to weild as once his grandfather did.

Magical Enhancements For the most part “magical enhancements” are components. A +1 sword can be enhanced to +2 sword by paying the difference in cost in gp and the appropriate xp costs. This encourages players to grow attached to certain weapons and equipment, and its the way I like to roll…

Tokens I use tokens (and always have) for Action points and other bonuses. You’ll be rewarded with various tokens during gameplay that you can spend for various effects or actions. I had used “Action Points” long before 4E, and have a different set of rules for them. We will endeavor to use 4E’s system of awarding Action Points; You gain one after every extended rest, milestone etc. And they reset if you have not used them all. I’ll also award Bonus Tokens that can be used during combat and to enhance rolls (or penalize an adversaries rolls).

House Rules

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